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Bp. Francis Office of the Presiding Bishop
Ecumenical Catholic Communion

2017 Easter Message

bp francis
Bishop Francis Krebs' Easter 2017

Dear sisters and brothers,

The scriptures give us a picture of two levels of resurrection: the resurrection we anticipate after death and the resurrection we can experience every day. This daily possibility of being raised up (or resurrected) exists alongside something else inside us that seems to want to drag us down. Sometimes we feel a kind of struggle inside us between these two forces. It's not just early Christian authors who pointed to this struggle.

The American president, Abraham Lincoln, seems to have been influenced by the British author, Charles Dickens, when Lincoln used that famous term "our better angels." Dickens imagined "our better angels" as heavenly bodies that shown in the sky. He named them: "Charity, Forbearance, Universal Love, and Mercy." To really see them would be a vision of glory and an experience of being raised up.

But Dickens went on to say, "···the shadows of our own desires stand between us and our better angels, and thus their brightness is eclipsed." St. Paul couldnt have said it better. Fortunately for us, resurrection is not something we do for ourselves. SomeOne else resurrects us···even on a daily basis.

There is a Life inside us, which is larger than our own, that wells up hope in us and that invites us to trust and to love. Or as Dickens would say, not just unspecific trust and love, but charity, forbearance, universal love, and mercy. These are our better angels; they are a gift to us; and they are an experience of God's power to raise us up.
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