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The Ecumenical Catholic Communion is a confederation of independently incorporated faith communities, which is governed by the Synod of the Communion, comprised of the Presiding Bishop in collaboration with the House of Laity, the House of Pastors, and the Episcopal Council. The Leadership Council is a group comprised of the Presiding Bishop and an equal number of representatives from each of the House of Laity and House of Pastors, who shall normally be the elected officers of those Houses. When the Synod is not in session, the Leadership Council is empowered to make those executive and administrative decisions not expressly reserved to the Presiding Bishop, the Episcopal Council, the House of Laity and/or the House of Pastors. The Leadership Council may be also comprised of non-elected members invited by the elected council members.

House of Laity

Therese Gabriel

Tom Wilding

ECC Presiding Bishop

Bishop Francis
Most Rev. Francis Krebs

House of Pastors

Rev. Kate Lehman

Fr. scott
Fr. Mike Bober

House of Laity

 Therese Gabriel, Chairman

House of Pastors

Rev. Kate Lehman, President
Fr. Mike Bober, Vice President
  Bishop Francis
Most Rev. Francis Krebs
Bishop Peter
Most Rev.
Peter E. Hickman
Founding ECC Presiding Bishop,
miter Bp 2Rafe
Right Reverend
Raphael Adams, ofr
Diocesan Bishop for
Mid America Region
Bp Armando
Right Reverend
Armando Leyva
Suffragan Bishop For
Hispanic Affairs
Bp Rick
Rt. Rev. Dr.
Rick Hollingsworth
Suffragan Bishop, Retired
Bp Denise
Rt. Rev. Denise Donato
Auxiliary Bishop
  Bp Tom
Rev. Tom Altepeter
Suffragan Bishop, Retired

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